Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Week Two - At the MTC

Andrew's p-day (the day he does email for an hour) at the MTC is Tuesday, and his email address is: (He loves getting post office mail, email, or both!)

It's been a week since Andrew went on his mission and he's doing great. The MTC schedule is rigorous and he's tired every night by 1030pm, but so very happy to be there. He's learning that teaching is different than knowing, but refuses to get down. It's an experience and adjustment for him to rely on himself and the Lord rather than on Mom and Dad but it's a strength to his testimony to realize character traits within himself.

His p-day (preparation day) yesterday consisted of writing letters, reading and sending emails, getting a haircut, doing laundry, and attending the temple. His days are full, even p-days.

Two Elders, Andrew Lovgren & his first companion, Elder Gee

Andrew's MTC District at the Provo Temple

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