Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week Eight - The Lord's Work

Andrew, I mean Elder Lovgren, continues to love his mission. Read his own words and see for yourself:

  • The thing I learned the most last week was that this is truly the Lord's work. What I mean is that honestly, I have no control over who's ready. The Lord prepares people. As a missionary it's all about having my line in the water. If I go out and fish for two hours and the other eight hours I'm eating lunch & chilling out and I don't have my line in the water, then my success won't be as great as if I had my line in the water for ten hours. The way I explain things to people doesn't matter. I just need to teach simple truths. God prepares people in a way that's right for them. Time is temporal, and my time as a missionary is the Lord's time.

    What matters is me showing my faith and being obedient. If I wake up on time, do my studies on time, do everything I'm supposed to do, follow every commandment, and go out and show my faith by talking to as many people as I can - with no intention of getting them baptized - it's just being obedient. Baptism and changing people's lives is an outgrowth of following the Lord's commandments. That's honestly it and it's awesome. I don't have to stress that I'm insufficient, or explain lessons in a smooth way, but be in tune with the spirit (which comes through obedience) and know that all that stuff will follow. Last week, I really wanted to work on my pride. This week, I want to work on my obedience. Next week, maybe it'll be something else. 

Elder Lovgren

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