Thursday, June 11, 2015

Week Five - Introspection

This week's message from Andrew contains self reflection. Even if the intention is turning yourself over to the Lord and making yourself a blank canvas so the Lord can paint you, the submission - truly in the heart - is a process that takes time. Here are some comments Andrew made this week:
  • The more I'm on my mission the more and more I feel guided by the Holy Ghost. I feel His presence, as I've never felt to this extent before.

  • It feels really hard sometimes but the joy is on another level.

  • I feel like a missionary now. The words I say mean something - they are of some worth. I have a gospel foundation. I've shifted my life from before to the gospel.

  • Jesus taught in parables, He didn't just hand the information over but you had to understand it.

  • Scriptures are logical and of worth.

Andrew with a ward member (friend of Kimbra's)

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