Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week Four - First P-Day in California

Andrew's p-days are now on Monday. (For his email address, see the previous entry.)

His first companions are Zone Leaders. Here's an excerpt from what he said about last week:

"Two days ago was a turning point for me. We were contacting (door-to-door) at a place [my companion] had never been. We decided to do a survey on families so people would talk to us. If they said, "Okay" we asked them if they believed in God, if family was important to them, if they thought church should have more programs for families, if they wondered who they were, where they came from, and why they were here and more questions, and we talked with them. 

[My Companion] told me he'd do the survey at the next house then it was my turn. I took the clipboard and remembered what my brother told me, "Don't worry so much about the lessons, people just want to feel love." The person said they weren't interested but what my brother said changed my attitude so much. I started to do the surveys and we just talked with the people and had cool conversations. It was cool to hear their passions and know their good works. Even if they didn't want to ever get baptized it was cool to talk with them rather than them saying, "I'm not interested" and closing the door. 

We knocked on about 20 doors and the people said they weren't interested. I knocked on a door and this guy answered with his entire family ... he said he'd do the survey so we talked to him and asked him questions. He said he played in a church band but he felt like something was missing and wished they read more from the scriptures. I asked him if he ever wondered who he was, where he came from, and why he was here and he said he did ... then he started crying. I told him the Book of Mormon answered those questions and invited him to read it. He wouldn't take the book. Even though he wouldn't take the book my companions said they wanted to try harder to reach people. 

It isn't about numbers but about people, and it's truly about love. Here I am a missionary in my country, speaking my language, and talking to people. Making documentaries has prepared me to talk to people - to get to know them and ask them questions. There's nothing better than the work. It's up to me how hard I work to help someone. That's what I've learned this week in the mission field."

What can be said after that?! Andrew's a missionary and there's no better place for him to be.

Elder Cannon, Elder CedeĊ„o and Elder Lovgren

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