Thursday, July 9, 2015

Week Nine - End of First Transfer

It's incredible to realize Andrew being gone for two months and already in California for six weeks but the first transfer in California (six weeks) just got completed. He's staying in Irvine for six more weeks then might be transferred somewhere else.

Missionary work in California continues and each week brings something new. Andrew's thoughts for this week are:
  • This week has been pretty busy. It seems like each week there's something to learn. I can't really explain it. I can't say this week was good or hard because every day is both good and hard. But I'm always happy on p-day.
  • I've pondered a lot about obedience, the entire plan of happiness, and how we have agency. Agency is everything. Our entire purpose is to be agents unto ourselves. The reason our lives are a certain way is because of the choices we make - it's as simple as that and it's a beautiful thing! We need to know that life can be good, happy, and bring forth fruit (cause blessings) because of making good choices. Nothing can stop me if I always focus on Christ. 

    When I make good choices that are His will the fruits (blessings) will always come. Every time I think impure thoughts, or about things in the past hard things beat me down, but praying, forgetting about the past, and focusing on Christ ALWAYS makes me feel better. It's true and I can't deny it.
  • I feel solid about being the missionary I want to be and it's about being obedient. There's a line in the middle and on one side is darkness and on the other side is light. When you make an obedient choice you move toward the light and when you make a disobedient choice you move toward the darkness - it's as simple as that. I want Christ always in my life.
Elders Cannon, CedeĊ„o, and Lovgren enjoying the 4th of July

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