Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Week Ten - And The Work Goes On

Missionaries sometimes have fun on p-days!
  • What's up fam, this is Elder Lovgren and it is week...I don't even know what week it is! Right now I'm at a zone barbecue. We're at a member's house and we've got ping-pong going in the back, basketball, and these things called crazy karts (that are these little electronic karts you drive around and drift, so we're drifting around the cul-de-sac!) The kid of the family has a golf cart, and he was pulling me - I was skitching the back of the golf cart - super crazy!! 
And you never know whats gonna happen:
  • This week has been a ride for sure because we had an emergency exchange. One of the AP Elders' mom is in the hospital, in a medically induced coma...One of my two companions is gonna be companion (for a week) to the other AP and now I have one companion for the next week instead of two. It's been a lot to handle...On Thursday one of my companions dipped.
But missionary work continues:
  • On Friday night we got a call, "Hey Elders do you mind talking in church?" Now I'm stressing out about talking in church on why and how to share the gospel. I fasted (my testimony of fasting is so true! Fasting works.)  On Saturday from 2:00 in the afternoon to 9:00 at night (minus a couple of meals) I wrote my talk. (I remember praying "Please please please let this talk work" because my brain was kind of fried.) I got a weird rough draft done then went to sleep. The next morning I could really feeling the spirit like "Everything is gonna be fine." 

    At Sacrament Meeting four of our investigators were there. I was sitting on the stand looking at those new faces knowing my talk was about missionary work. I got up to give my talk and remember feeling joy (everything I'd been through that week washed away.) I remember praying "Please allow the spirit to speak through me. That's all I have. I've only read this talk twice and don't want to look like I'm reading it. I really want to be powerful and I want people to listen to why missionary work purifies us and is truly a gift from God."

    Before my talk a young guy sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" and it was the most beautiful version of the song I've ever heard. It was beautiful. I remember standing at the podium and saying, "This gospel makes me so happy." I stood there smiling then gave my talk and saw one of our investigators crying. A couple members (who had fed us dinner) were smiling. I looked at my paper maybe 10 times. It was a miracle! Somehow the words I had written spoke straight through me and I didn't have to look down but looked out into the crowd.

    It was really powerful, quiet in the room, and I felt so much joy. Afterwards people came up and said it was a really good talk, how pumped they were for the missionaries in the ward, and how excited they were to do missionary work. I was like "This is it. Everything that happened this week leads to this."

A family, Elder Lovgren, and Elder Cannon at the Newport Beach Temple

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