Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week Fifteen - Facts

An audio letter didn't come this week but here are some facts about LDS missionaries. This list is only about Elder (young boy) missionaries and doesn't include information about Sister, couple, ward, or service missionaries. Needless to say, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a missionary church. Every member can be a missionary in some way, but the following facts are about dedicated, full-time LDS missionary work. Enjoy:
  • An LDS Elder missionary serves for 104 weeks (two years).
  • LDS missionary qualifications include: at least 18, graduated from high school, and unmarried.
  • There are 85,147 LDS missionaries around the world.
  • LDS missionaries speak in various languages and could be called to any land to speak any language, even American Sign Language (ASL). Currently, missionaries speak one of at least 50 languages.
  • Each LDS mission has a Mission President and his wife who serve full-time for three years.
  • Every LDS mission has two AP's (Assistants to the President) who help the Mission President with many things including transfers.
  • Transfers occur every six weeks. LDS missionaries could be transferred to any area in the mission and if they're transferred they get a new companion. 
  • LDS missionaries follow a schedule of times to wake up, study, do missionary work, and go to bed, as well as what day to have preparation day (p-day).
  • On p-day LDS missionaries prepare for the week (get hair cuts, do laundry, go grocery shopping), as well as play sports, write letters, rest, send emails ... and basically anything fun. They wear regular (not missionary) clothes but always their name tags because they're missionaries even on p-days :).
  • LDS missionaries receive training before they go to their mission. The length of time a missionary is in the Mission Training Center (MTC) varies. Missionaries could be in the MTC anywhere from two weeks to four months depending on how well they know their mission language. However no matter how long they're at the MTC, the main focus is learning to testify of Jesus Christ. There are 15 Mission Training Centers around the world.
Elder Lovgren is called to serve in the California Irvine Mission, English speaking. He will serve until 2017.

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Elder Cannon, Elder Lovgren, and Elder CedeĊ„o

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