Thursday, August 13, 2015

Week Fourteen - Fun Times

I want to start right of the bat by posting what anyone who knows Elder Lovgren will understand:
  • Guess what?! I'm going skateboarding tomorrow (Monday, p-day) at the skate park! Wooohooo! Oh man!! Elder CedeĊ„o has a skateboard and some other Elders out here have one laying around (it's actually a good skateboard!) We're going out skating with a member tomorrow! (Don't worry, we're wearing helmets and not doing anything gnarly!) I can't tell you how good it feels to go skate out here. I'm in California and I'm going to skate!! P-day tomorrow is gonna be amazing - I'll send some photos.
He's working hard but is also having some fun :) Another investigator got baptized last week and it was a great experience for him to attend. This week he talked about the heart and peace of mind. Here's what he said:
  • God isn't there with a checklist (like I said last week) waiting for good things to happen, but are we doing good things for people? Are our works good? Are they of Christ? Are they of His will? Are we obedient? Okay, sure, we're good people but do we hate doing it, or are we truly happy to do it? 
  • I'm a firm believer that Mom, you going through MS is so the Lord can see the desire of the Lovgren hearts. Regarding our hearts, what are we turning to? Are we turning to something temporal that will only give us happiness in this life or are we turning to something eternal that will give us everlasting joy? 
  • The gospel is not here to hold you down, control you, or make you not fun. The gospel is for you to have more freedom. It comes down to having peace of mind. In this day and age there's a lot going on in people's heads. There's a lot of confusion, despair, anger, and anguish. Those things just take energy.  When thinking sad things - stirring them up in the head - instead of thinking about God it takes away our energy and also takes away our energy to care for family, to care for other people, and to care about Jesus Christ. 
tbt - pic submitted to SLC with Elder Lovgren's missionary application

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