Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week Sixteen - New Companion

Elder Lovgren is doing really well. The second transfer just ended and with the beginning of the third transfer he got a new companion. Here's what he said this week:
  • What's up fam - it's Elder Lovgren! I'm here on my balcony and it's the end of week one transfer three. I've been out here a little over three months now and it just so happens to be that I'm a daddy! (I'm gonna train someone!) Pretty big news! This week was the week of trials, growth, and so much joy! I really feel like a missionary now - kinda funny to say that because I've been living it for three months - but having the opportunity to train someone else is a completely different experience. This week was tough but it was also so good.

  • He's 19 - a young guy - but I truly believe we were meant to be companions because he's grown in so many ways this past week. Maybe right now he's new, but I guarantee that by the end of our training he's gonna be a completely different person. He's gonna completely step out of his shell. I know he has the potential to become something great!

  • This was the heaviest transfer so far. One of the AP's finished his mission as did so many missionaries that I know. This was the group of missionaries I've gotten closest too and it wasn't emotional but like, "Dang! I know every single one of them!" That's a first. Usually the ones going home have been missionaries that are old and I don't really know them, but they were missionaries I knew well and invested time with. It was crazy to see them go.  

  • I have a strong belief that the spirit truly doesn't dwell in unholy temples. I also believe it pertains to us - our bodies - because our body is a temple. That's why we eat foods that are healthy. That's why we don't partake in doing drugs or doing other things to harm ourselves. I also believe it pertains to the environments where we live. The spirit can't dwell in a home that's super cluttered and messy. You can tell an entire difference when you go in someone's home that's super dirty, dingy (and you can tell they struggle), or when you go into a home which is clean and they take the time to have an environment where you can feel the spirit.

  • I took having a clean environment to heart and was like "I want my 'greenie' to be able to feel the spirit and grow this transfer, so I'm starting with cleaning this house from top to bottom." When he walks in the door I want him to know it's where he should be. Walking into a clean home is so refreshing! This apartment is a home where I actually feel it's mine. This is a big moment for me. This is the first home where I'm in charge. I'm not paying the bills (probably different) but the fact that it's "my space" and I have to take responsibility to clean it is really cool - I love it! I'm planning on hanging up photos and making it a place where when we come in and do our personal and companionship studies - what we do in the morning - it will push the work even more. 
Elder Lovgren at the MTC

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