Saturday, September 26, 2015

Week Twenty - Mission Journey

Its good to hear from Elder Lovgren every week and in a way experience his mission with him. Here are some things he said this week:

Fulfilling My Life
I've learned about myself in general - The gospel is what gives me fulfillment, like "Once you have the spirit, and you follow it, you're filled." I feel fulfilled - at the cap - even though the cap continues to enlarge and I feel like I hit the top. If I were to put all my joy into the temporal things of the world I'd always be left slightly empty - I'd be fulfilling something but left a little empty. 

It's the Journey
It's huge for me. It's true that the journey is most important. I cannot wait until I make a movie and enjoy the journey. Instead of "Once the film is done it will be amazing when people watch it" (you know, that old perspective that was stupid) now it's "The entire journey is what makes it good regardless of the turnout." It's interesting because in 2 Nephi 2 it talks about how there's an opposition in all things.  In verses 11 to 13 it talks about how if there's no sin there's no righteousness, and it goes all the way down to if there's no earth there's no creation then there's nothing then it all vanishes away. It's true, there's an opposition in all things. 

The Journey Has Given Me Perspective
I wouldn't have this perspective now if I didn't go through making Symirroretry - putting all my eggs in one basket, going full force, hoping for the end to be a happy, joyful experience, and then it wasn't. 

My Character Is More Important Than My Skill
What's integral for me is to build my character. Regardless if I was strong in the gospel when I made Symirroretry, now I know that Heavenly Father was very aware of me at that time. He knew my progression more than anyone and knew what I could be. All the prayers for me and others resulted in blessings from Heavenly Father. They were tender mercies that eventually led me to being out here. It's a miracle how that worked because it was my decision to go or not go. Choosing to go was a pretty heavy decision.  

Elder Lovgren and two other Elders at the September 17, 2015 Zone Conference

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