Friday, October 2, 2015

Week Twenty - Correction

Elder Lovgren has been out for twenty weeks (4-1/2 months.) He just completed his third transfer and each transfer is six weeks (3 x 6 = 18). He spent two weeks in the MTC (18 + 2 = 20). Let's not get ahead of ourselves! He's been gone for twenty weeks and next Monday will be 21. Here's what he said about completing the last transfer:

End of Transfer Three
I'm stoked because the transfer is over, guys! I did it! Yet another transfer done! Elder Rosenow, my companion, has grown a lot. He's becoming a good missionary. He's stepping out of his shell, talking, and engaging. I knew I was gonna learn a lot from him this transfer and that's exactly what happened. There's really nothing more humbling than to learn from someone who's fresh out. There's a purity in him only being out for a month. He's very set on being the missionary he dreamed of being his entire life and won't be swayed by anything.

Elder Rosenow, Elder ?, Elder Lovgren

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