Saturday, October 10, 2015

Week Twenty-One - Miracles

This week is called miracles because miracles happen when acting in faith. Here are some things Elder Lovgren said this week:

To Act
If we want to progress in this life - to find our true selves and bless people around us - we have to act. That's what our agency is for - to act not to be acted upon. I loved in General Conference this past weekend how Elder Christofferson said there's incorrect thinking that we don't need religion but just spirituality. He brought up how we have hands and feet for a reason - to go and do, to go and serve (help) people. 

He said the church isn't all about self but serving (helping) as well. He said you get so much by serving others; and you do that by using your hands and feet. That meant a lot to me because we talk to so many people out here who try and find the truth for themselves, for their own means, for their own creation in their heads, but it comes back to being humble. How you become humble is first taking that leap of faith. 

Faith is SO important because you'll never come to a point of being humble and believing if you don't have the faith and willingness to take the leap. (You'll just always believe that your mind is the greater mind, and that there isn't a higher power. Your mind is the only thing you'll know.) To be honest, it is my complete witness that all the things I've done out here are not me. I would never be led to teach and help people if I didn't have the Lord. There's absolutely no way. And if you think about what the work is, it is to bring joy and happiness to people. Real joy and happiness is helping people find who they are. Real joy and happiness is helping them feel that they really are a child of God. That He is their Heavenly Father. That everyone's life has a plan; to return back to Him. That there is joy and happiness and that there is more to know. 

There's a scripture in Helaman that says "I do not say that these things shall be of myself because it is not of myself that I know these things." I resonate with that a lot. Another scripture in Alma basically says "I don't boast of myself but I boast of my God." That's just being honest. I thought what was interesting was what I read in an AA book (that the church put out for people with addictions) that pride and honesty cannot coexist. I thought that was so profound. PRIDE.AND.HONESTY.CANNOT. COEXIST. That's really something to ponder because I want to be the most honest person. But if I'm letting my own thoughts and desires come between me and God, and letting my own learning come above Him, am I being completely honest? 

At the September 6, 2015 Newport Beach Stake Temple Devotional with Elder Lovgren and Elder Rosenow

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