Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Week Twenty-Five - Reality

Elder Lovgren likes to ponder about the deep things we all wonder. For example:

Real or Not Real?
Mom, I know how you talk all the time about how you don't know what's real/not real. That's because in the millennial generation - kids with cell phones - someone can tell us something like, "Frogs do back flips" and we're like oh, okay, really? and we pull out our phones, Google 'Do frogs do back flips?', see that they do, and then we believe it. But back in the day, someone told you "Frogs do back flips" and you believed it because there wasn't another dimension of "truth". 

Revelation Can't be Measured
It's an interesting thing to me because the gospel is a hard thing for a lot of people to believe. We tell them the restored gospel is here - the fullness, and they think oh, okay, really? Google, boop, 'Is the gospel restored?' and polygamy, or Jesus had multiple wives, or false doctrine, or attacks on the church, or something else negative comes up along with the truth. As well as what's true, a lot things come up that either don't matter or aren't true - we've heard them time and time again. What's interesting is that we have shifted our lives to know truth from multiple sources. Everything I base my life on is truth. (Like, following the spirit; aligning my will with God's; praying to know what I need to do; knowing the answers I receive are truth that will help me.) Every time I do God's will (ask a question "Should I do this?" or "Is it your will that I do this?"), the answer I get is revelation - truth that I can depend on. The thing is, revelation isn't something I can Google. 

Truth vs. Fact
The church is amazing because we learn truth. We talked about this in church yesterday - there's fact then there's truth in science. You can calculate how big the tree is because you can see it - there's fact as to how big the tree is based on calculation, but you can't calculate how you feel. A lot of people have a hard time with spirituality because it's how you feel in your heart and mind, and somehow you just know it's true. 

Elder Rosenow and Elder Lovgren at a baptism on Saturday, November 7, 2015

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