Friday, November 20, 2015

Week Twenty-Six - Goodbye Irvine

Elder Lovgren's messages are the best! It's great to hear his voice and inflections on his weekly audios! And it's great to know by the tone of his voice what he means. Here's some of what he said last week:

Intro - Hi :)
<sounds like a news intro>Bud-uh-bup-buh-duh<singing>I'm leaving Irvine!<end> Wooo! Wooo! Wooo! Hi family :) It's another Monday morning - November 9, 2015. This is Elder Lovgren :) From my intro, you may have been able to tell that I'm getting transferred! I've been six months in Irvine and now it's time to go. 

I love this area. I really, really, really, really, really love this area a lot! I mean, of course!...It's my baby ward...It's my greenie ward!...I gotta love it!...This is where I grew up! But, I got the word on Saturday night that I'm being transferred and I'm really, really excited!! I know there will be miracles and amazing things in my next area, too :)

Mission Time Goes Fast
I'm so thankful to be out here! I think dang! next transfer will be 7.5 months - my mission is flying! Then I think about how I have three more 'six months' to go and realize it's a lot of time! Six months have gone by, but I don't want to think about what's gone but what's to come.

Reading the Book of Mormon Is Important
I love you guys! I guess the main message I want to share is the importance of the Book of Mormon. It is THE most important book to read. I'm not just saying that because I'm a missionary :) but because of the manifestations of the spirit that have touched my heart and soul. I KNOW that the Book of Mormon is vital for all of God's children to read. It's not enough just to read it but to study it and know how it speaks to us, individually. Take the leap and read it. Explore it. Read it again. Just do it. It brings peace and doesn't take anything from your life but only adds more. Who doesn't want more? 

I Love You
I love everyone here in Irvine, I love everyone in California, and I love the support you give me! All I can give you is my testimony and share my spirit with you. I encourage you to do things because I love you. It brings me joy, but I know, from the spirit, that it will bring you even more joy. Whatever I can do to step outside myself and my busy schedule to help you I'll do, and I know it will help you in your busy schedule.

Elder Lovgren says goodbye to the Barlow's

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