Thursday, December 3, 2015

Week Twenty-Seven - Newport

I've been sick, so this blog didn't get updated last week. But Elder Lovgren got transferred and here's what he said:

Hi :)
New companion! Elder Gough (Goff). I'm no longer in Irvine! Irvine was sweet - I learned a lot and saw so many miracles, but now I know a new area!

Transfer Meeting
Transfers were on Tuesday. At transfer meeting I heard, "...and Elder Gough is in the Newport Coast YSA area and is in a double senior companionship with Elder Lovgren." Yep! I'm in a YSA ward (Young Single Adults - ages 18-30) and it is so rad! My last area was tiny but now my new area is all of Newport! I'm a YSA Elder and our ward has a huge boundary - all the way from Santa Ana to Crystal Cove. All we're teaching are young single adults - people our age. It is so sick! It is so tight! 

Sunset Ridge Park
Yesterday we were at Sunset Ridge Park (right on the PCH.) We can't go on the beach but we were standing an inch away from the beach looking out over the ocean and it was the most incredible sunset! Once again I thought This is my mission?!! Are you serious?!! This is crazy!! I'm so stoked to be here. I can't wait to tell you guys more miracle stories.

We were walking on the OCC campus and these girls were like, "Hey Elders, here's some donuts!" They were really nice donuts. We were inviting people to come to a lunch and hear a message so we put the donuts down and I was like, "How good do these donuts look?!" They were like, "They look pretty good" and I said, "Well, this lunch that's happening in 30 minutes is even better!"

Organized Religion
This girl came up and I could see from far away that we were gonna talk to her. She came up and I asked her how the donuts looked and she goes, "Pretty gross." I said, "Yeah, they do look pretty gross but they're organic donuts. Pasture raised, non caged, and grass-fed donuts." She laughed and we ended up getting in a conversation. She said she didn't believe in organized religion. (That morning while Elder Gough and I studied I asked him if it was possible that someone who didn't believe in organized religion would come to church.) She talked about spirituality but not an organized faith. She then talked about how she had a horrible relationship with her dad. We were able to testify to her right then that she's a daughter of God, that she has a father in heaven that loves her and hasn't abandoned her. She told us what she believed morally and Elder Gough and I both looked at her and I said, "You know what's crazy? Everything you've been saying is the gospel of Jesus Christ." She was like, "Really? Oh my gosh!"

Mormon's are unlike anyone else. That might sound like tunnel vision but really, we are - we're so different. Logically, the church just makes so much sense. I really believe that. It makes sense because the gospel is rooted in truth. If you find truth in one thing then everything must be true because how could one thing be true but another thing be not true? Reading the Book of Mormon, or going to church, or taking the Sacrament...everything has a purpose, and is understood in a simple way - even to a child.

Elder Lovgren

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