Thursday, February 11, 2016

Week Thirty-Nine - Wisdom

Elder Lovgren loves his mission in California. He loves the people he's met, the people he knows, and even the people he has yet to meet. Here are some things in quotes that he has learned followed by his thoughts:
  • "Satan, He's is the master of procrastination." Isn't that so true?! Of course! Satan wants us to be idle - to not progress - he doesn't want us to learn - he doesn't want us to become - he doesn't want us to experience - he just wants us to be idle. You look around and see the tools he uses for us to be idle - TV or really any source of entertainment. I think that entertainment can be so good and super bad at the same time - you can just see how idle you can become. 
  • "Perfection means to progress towards it. It was never meant to be a noun." I love that - being perfect was never meant to be a noun - like the translation of it, it just means to progress towards it and so we continue to progress and we continue to perfect. We're not supposed to be perfect on earth - I really like that.
  • "We've chosen to come to mortality and so Heavenly Father know our desire." Right?! We all chose to come here. We all jumped for joy to come to mortality - to have a body - to experience - to become like our Heavenly Father - and so Heavenly Father knows our deepest desire; He knows what we want! He knows that each and every one of us wants to return back to Him - deepest down in our truest of hearts. He knows that and He helps us along. I heard that revelation is really remembering the things we've always known. I love that - I love that we've always known things - and while we don't remember the choices we've made and it's hard to sometimes believe, it's true and we just don't remember.
  • "God created all things, even the rock bottom." Sometimes we feel like we've hit rock bottom but God created that, too. That just gives more reality to the fact that Jesus Christ - being the creator of this earth (God's the designer) - has been below. We will never be able to fall lower than Jesus Christ because He felt everything. That rock bottom - that's the rock, you know? We fall to Him and He's able to lift us.

Elders Gough and Lovgren with a friend

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