Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2nd Week One - New Beginning

We are now in AZ-got here yesterday-and Elder Lovgren got set apart last night by our new Stake President. He flew to Cali today and what a whirlwind our move and him going back on his mission has been! Our KS house got completely painted inside and all the carpet was replaced. (Our house was transformed and sold all while we lived there like nomads!) We packed two PODs and one Uhaul trailer, and completely emptied the house over three months-what daunting feat!! But it was all over when we got on the road and now we're here! We greatly thank our son, Elder Lovgren, for helping us!!

During the eight months Elder Lovgren was at home he kept himself busy! Here are some of the things he did:
  1. Spent a lot of time with me-taking me on rides, taking me to lunch, and doing things for me.
  2. Refined his project "Deaton Chris Anthony" by:
    1. Learning to sew and making many recycled and cool sweaters (20+.)
    2. Making an "It's okay to cry" backdrop featuring six girls. (The "It's Okay to Cry" documentary will be made when he gets a better computer and will feature each girl's story.)
    3. Made many hats and sold a lot of them to a store in KC.
    4. Performed "Deaton" songs in Westport, MO.
    5. Learned to DJ and did 4 shows.
    6. Released a new album (BO-Y) this morning. The first album (BB) was released last year (the day he originally went on his mission.)
  3. Helped Per and Me move from Kansas to Arizona. (Helped pack the PODs and Uhaul, helped empty the KS house, helped drive my car.)
Elder Lovgren will serve the Lord for 15 more months and will finish his mission in the first part of 2018. Per and I look forward to picking him up.

Elder Lovgren returning to his mission October 18, 2016

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  1. What a great son! I am so glad he was there to help you and be such a great support. I am sure you loved his company. I am glad you are moved, but we'll miss you here.