Thursday, November 17, 2016

2nd Week Five - The Little Things

This week Elder Lovgren told about little things like his area, his apartment, and what he eats. Here's some of what he said:
  • My area is big - it's one of the bigger areas - but the actual civilization part is really small. (It's about as big as when I served in Irvine.) There's one tiny shopping center with a Smart and Final, which is a grocery store like Price Chopper, and then a couple restaurants and then a CVS, and then there's four gated communities right next to it. Then there's one normal community - where we live - then you drive down this canyon road and you're in the woods and it's a completely different culture and people.
  • With daylight savings time it's brighter in the morning so more light comes through our apartment and, for me, it just helps in the morning to have natural daylight shine in; I don't know what it is but I just feel happy.
  • As far as what I'm eating. To be honest, this week all I bought was a watermelon. That's it. I just bough a big ol' watermelon, chopped that thing up, and have been eating it all week. I usually don't eat lunch - I'll eat a bowl of cereal and drink some ginger tea in the morning but not eat lunch - and I kind of like it because I feel more in tune with the spirit because I don't have food to block it out. And I don't feel hungry, I just feel full from that, then at dinner members like to feed us a lot.
Elder Christensen and Elder Lovgren reppin' KC while doing some service!

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