Friday, November 25, 2016

2nd Week Six - Celebrations

Elder Lovgren celebrated his birthday last week and people in his mission took great care of him! He also had an awesome week serving the Lord and here are some things he said:
  • It was my birthday this week, I'm 23; I don't know how I'm that old all of a sudden! It was celebrated multiple times this week, and on one occasion I thought you all would want to know: I ate a 32 oz. steak, that's two pounds!...I'm not kidding you, I couldn't walk!
  • It's so sick that I can touch people here; we use our talents to glorify God.
  • We met with [investigators/friends] and had Pho with them and it was so sick...they opened up...I've never had investigators want to hang out with us this much. They're not even investigators, they're buds.
  • There's a family in the Ward that [we and our buds] have been over to a couple times. We connect on a level of music and it's so sick. I wake up in the morning and I'm just stoked.
An assortment of Elder Lovgren's birthday celebrations!

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